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The Healing Post presents a Taste for Wellness Day

Are you ready to step out of your busy lives, disconnect and recharge with us?

We invite you to take time out for self-care and personal wellness.

Discover inner peace and tranquility; a time apart from the hustle

and bustle of our busy lives, away from the demands of the

family, home and work commitments

A Taste for Wellness offers you exactly that! Nourishment for

mind, body and soul.

Delicious, healthy snacks and drinks; a balanced nutritional light

lunch carefully prepared and served by The Hemp Hub.
Meditations; Reiki and Crystal healing sessions; Group hypnosis

sessions; Energy balancing sessions with information and

techniques shared throughout the day to help restore and

maintain your balance and sense of calm.

Working in small groups throughout the day to offer and deliver a variety of sessions including:
*Reiki healing & techniques
*Crystal healing
*Energy balancing /Qigong
*Group hypnosis
*Nutritional advice given on the food/snacks/drinks consumed during the day.

£65 per person with a £20 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking.

Meet the team who will be looking after you for the day:
Alex from The Hemp Hub
Meg Allen / Neena / Susianna and finally myself - your hostess for the day!

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