Edenthorpe Community Centre Wellness Market
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Edenthorpe Wellness Market

The Healing Post Wellness Markets kick off in 2022 at Edenthorpe Community Centre on January 15th from 11 am - 3pm .

The first ever Healing Post show took place 4 years ago at Edenthorpe. A village where both Tony and myself were born and grew up .  I have always encouraged both working in and working for the community whilst promoting local businesses and talented individuals. Community spirit is very important to me, working, growing, teaching and learning together!

For this very reason I am really pleased to announce that from January 2022, The Healing Post will be introducing the Edenthorpe Wellness Market - every 3rd Saturday in the month (with a couple of exceptions).

This will be the time for local exhibitors, local businesses and local craftsmen/women to meet and showcase their own unique products/talents on a regular basis. This will also provide the opportunity for all you lovely visitors to meet, connect and chat with us. It will also provide a regular point of contact for support, information and supplies for all as it is more important than ever for us to stay connected and know that we are not alone nor on our own at this time.

Thankyou to everyone on here for your continued support and encouragement and I shall look forward to sharing this next part of our journey with you all