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A list of  Friends of the Healing Post  

Erick Henderson

I offer contact and distant energy work and give talks and demonstrations on a variety of energy related topics : Reiki, Crystal Healing, Psychic protection, Affirmations, Prosperity systems, Atlantianite.


ErickFriends of The Healing Post Podcast
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Stephen Kirkbride & David Orrey

Through private numerology readings, we reveal the hidden information in your name and date of birth to help you understand who you really are (its all about your personal energy and how it affects the world around you). You can then use this information to enhance your well-being and make your daily life flow more effortlessly by aligning with the energies that are harmonious to you.

Know Thyself Numerology


The Healing Post - Stephen KirkbrideFriends of The Healing Post Podcast
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Tracy Rockchick  Gray

Follow your Dreams - Artwork by Tracy

Tracy RockchickFriends of The Healing Post Podcast
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Oraphim are an inventive company that makes a wide range of products, to provide instant effective results that benefit the user.


Oraphim's Passion is creating stunningly beautiful Shungite Solutions with the rise of awareness of this miraculous Stone 

they add the sparkle to the magical!

KaseeFriends of The Healing Post Podcast
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The Healing Post - Crystals by Suisianna

Susianna Crystal Cellar

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