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Indian Head Massage

Contrary to the name - Indian Head Massage works on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp,
face and ears with a variety of massage movements. The head, neck and shoulders are important
energy centres within your body and if you are feeling stressed tension builds up in the muscles in
these areas.

Indian Head massage works with a firm but gentle rhythm to release blockages and unknot tense
muscles. The effect is not just physical however, the treatment is calming for the spirit and promotes
relaxation while relieving stress.

The treatment lasts for approximately 30/45 minutes.

The general benefits of massage are far reaching:

 Boosts circulation – bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to cells
 Warms tissues, relaxes tense and contracted muscles, reduces pain and fatigue
 Increases lymphatic flow thus aiding removal of waste products and toxins

 Skin condition improved due to improved circulation and desquamation
 Stimulates or soothes nerve endings depending on massage movement being used
 Reduction of blood pressure and pulse rate
 Relaxing or invigorating for mind and body – depending on client’s need
 Can help relieve symptoms of stress – restores the body to state of ‘rest and repose’
 Can help relieve depression by stimulation of endorphins (feel good hormones!)

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