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The Healing Post -Kindred Spirits 
A full evening with Tracy Rockchic Gray 

The second  meeting of 2020  will be on Thursday 27th February. 

The Healing Post proudly present Tracy Rockchic Gray


Tracy Rockchic Gray - Awakening


  •  Part 1. Signs that you are Awakening Recognising and understanding feelings of separateness in the heightening of your spiritual vibration in a holographic universe. 

  • Part 2. I am Infinite Possibility. Gnosticism, Archons, awareness of and breaking free from spiritual oppression.

The Healing Post Kindred Spirits Tracy R
The Healing Post -Kindred Spirits 
March- A double header Stephen Kirkbride (Virbrant Health) and Diane Wright (Spirit Art) 
Details to be released soon
Next Up

Thorne Old People's Welfare Centre

Church Street, Thorne, Doncaster,

South Yorkshire. DN8 5BE

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