Holistic Life Coaching

Every day we all make choices about what we do or do not do.

Each of these choices will aff­ect the results that we get in life which

thereby influencing how fulfilled or unfulfilled we feel.

I will provide a safe space for you and help you to identify the

ways that you want to improve and create positive and inspiring

goals to help you move forward and to reach where you want to be.

As a holistic life coach my work is mainly perceived as a

listening- based process with a keep emphasis on being proactive.

It is my intention to help you examine what is going off in your life

right now, discovering what the obstacles or challenges are, and

forming a course of action to help you achieve the things that you

want in life.


I may incorporate other therapies into the sessions

tailored to meet your specific needs. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy,

other relaxation therapies, Bach Flower Remedies or Meditation to name but a few, to help you become the best version of you and thereby creating a more fulfilled and effective life.

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