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Psychic Pathways
with Susianna & Jane CB

Psychic Pathways (Advanced Course) with Susianna and Jane CB

By following this course with its practical elements, you will be able to further explore and develop your psychic awareness with increased knowledge and skills.

Working at this level there is always an absolute need to ground and protect daily (as a minimum) and also to enhance the protection as your development advances.

An on-line Certificate of Achievement will be presented at the end of the course and it will take approximately 15 – 20 hours to complete in total (approximately two hours per week of your time).

CONTENT (Advanced Course)

1. Meet Your Power/Totem/Spirit Animal
2. Meet Your Spirit Guide
3. Automatic Writing and Channelling
4. Higher Dimensions and Vibrations
5. Ego and Karma
6. Detecting and Clearing Negative Energies
7. Manifestation/Law of Attraction and Gratitude
8. Discovering the Higher Chakras (The 12 Chakra System

All material is protected by copyright and cannot be shared without the express permission of the authors.
The cost of this course is £100 per person.

If you wish to join us on this exciting new course then please email us at:

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