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Psychic Pathways
with Susianna & Jane CB

Psychic Pathways (Intermediate Course) with Susianna and Jane CB

This is a weekly programme giving 8 further steps to help you progress on your psychic journey. The course can be accessed via a closed and private Facebook group with on-going support throughout and feedback given on work submitted.  

It is not an essential requirement to have completed the Beginners Course but we do expect a certain amount of previous knowledge prior to acceptance on this course.  

An on-line Certificate of Achievement will be presented at the end of the course and it will take approximately 12 -15 hours of your time to complete in total.  


  • To further develop and strengthen psychic connection

  • To begin to explore a variety of divination tools

  • To use Meditation as a tool to train attention and awareness




  1. Holding Space

  2. Meditation

  3. Empaths and Energy Vampires

  4. The 4 Clairs

  5. Pendulums

  6. Angel/Oracle Cards, Tarot and Runes

  7. Scrying

  8. Psychometry


All material is protected by copyright and cannot be shared without the express permission of the authors. All photographs are held on licence and may NOT be used by anyone else.

The price for this course is £80 per person.

If you wish to join us on this exciting new course then please email us at:

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