Psychic Pathways
with Susianna & Jane CB
22 January 2022

Psychic Pathways (Beginners Course) with Susianna and Jane CB

The course will roll out periodically throughout the year.

This is a weekly programme giving 8 practical steps to get you started on your psychic journey!   The course can be accessed via a closed and private Facebook group with on-going support throughout and feedback given on work submitted.   

An on-line Certificate of Achievement will be presented at the end of the course and it will take approximately 8 – 10 hours to complete in total. (approximately one hour per week of your time).   


  •    Discover what your psychic abilities are and how to use them in everyday life.

  •    Recognize what your strengths and weaknesses are now.

  •    Explore a variety of practical techniques and ways to awaken your psychic powers. 


  1.     Are you naturally psychic?

  2.     Grounding and Protection – How to Personalize Protection.

  3.     Preparing your Sacred Space/ Setting up an Altar.

  4.     Auras and Auric health.

  5.     The 7 Main Chakras – The Body’s Energy Centre.

  6.     Raising your Vibration.

  7.     Positive Affirmations.

  8.     Setting Intentions.

All material is protected by copywright and cannot be shared without the express permission of the authors.

The price for this course is £60 per person.

If you wish to join us on this exciting new course then please email us at:

Payment will be accepted via pay pal using this email.