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The Frame Drum Workshop
 with John Thornberry

Frame Drum Workshop for Beginners with John Thornberry of Eternal Senses.

The drum, and the frame drum in particular, is one of the most widespread and pervasive archetypes and spiritual technologies found the world over. It is seen insome form in almost every culture and predates written history. The drum crosses
over all cultures, time frames and lands. Sacred Drumming is a worldwide ancient/modern cross cultural phenomenon. Every culture creates a drum!

• Learn the strokes and playing techniques for the lap upright positions on the
frame drum and other drums
• Discover the wide array of rhythms and tones.
• Discover how to develop a meditative/ceremonial practice.
• Learn how produce your own rhythmic signature for personal development in
• Explore the ancient historical lineage drummers from many cultures.
• Learn how to keep your drum in healthy shape and tone.
• Discover Healing rhythms and tones.

The Sacred Drum has a long history of use in ceremonial and healing practices.
Like all instruments it the capacity to shift the player or listener’s brain waves from the monkey chatter created by Beta brain wave activity to the relaxed Alpha and Theta states.
The frame drum is loved for its range and complexity of sounds and rhythms from trance like, breezy flows and elemental vibes.

Workshop Proceedings

10.30: Start and Introductions. (Talk)
10.40: A Brief History of Drums. (Talk)
11:00: Introduction to the Instruments & Procedures of Playing.
12:00: Lunch
12.45: Rhythms and tones and beats
14.00: Group performance and (Receiving)
14.45: Round up and Questions (Talk/Interaction)
15.00 Farewells and close.
£45 per person with a £25 deposit payable at the time of booking.

Please message or email me for booking and use the link below to pay:

Please bring your own lunch but hot drinks will be provided.

Book NOW online here

 OR email

After booking we will send you a confirmation email with directions to the venue etc.



Thorne Welfare & OAP Centre




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