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Dowsing  with Mel Jay
TBC 2022

This Dowsing workshop will be presented by Melanie Jones.


This fun and interactive workshop will be suitable for beginners AND anyone who has worked with Mel before.

If anyone is interested in taking dowsing further Mel is happy to run interactive sessions on any and every aspect of dowsing.
It includes:-

-A brief history of dowsing
-How to work effectively with a variety of dowsing tools without falling into the traps
-Fun ways to improve your dowsing skills and confidence
- Practical dowsing in everyday life
-How to use a 'witness' and locate ANYTHING above or below ground and determine its distance or depth
-Investigations into the energy surrounding objects. Can objects influence objects?
-Can other people's thoughts be used in YOUR dowsing?
-Insights into the energy vortex within your home and garden and what energy signature does it have?

All in all just a tantalizing introduction to energy communications from Mother Earth, the Cosmos, and beyond the veil

This workshop will take place on at Thorne Welfare Centre, DN8 5BE.

Please bring your own lunch but hot drinks will be provided.

£45 per person with a £20 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking.
Please use PayPal or email/message me for BAC's details.

If we cancel for any reason then a full refund will be given

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Thorne Welfare & OAP Centre



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