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Spirit of Sound - John Thornberry

The purpose of this workshop is to give a "basic" insight into the use of Sound for healing. It is an "introduction" for the "seeker"; a platform to begin a journey into the world of Sound Healing and singing bowl playing.

The workshop will focus on 2 parts - the basic aspects of Sound and Sound Healing, or Audio Vibrational Healing. An introduction of the instruments used by the Sound Practitioner and how to play them.

The Day will also involve the attendees taking an interactive part in the proceedings. They will learn how to:-
"Correctly" play and create sounds using Metal singing Bowls, Quartz and Glass Crystal Bowls and other instruments used in Sound Healing.

Use the diagnostic instruments used in Sound Healing, such as the Sound Bar, and the Prayer Bell.

Exercise and use the voice for Basic Over-toning and using the voice as an instrument.

Have a basic understanding of the relationship between music, sound, colour and the chakras.

Workshop Proceedings
10.30: Start and Introductions. (Talk)
10.40: A Brief History of the Use of Sound. (Talk)
11:00: Introduction to the Instruments & Procedures of Sound Healing.
12:00: Lunch
12.45: The Voice, Chakras, Music, and Colour in Sound Healing
14.00: Sound Shower (Receiving)
14.30: Round up and Questions (Talk/Interaction)
15.00 Farewells and close

The workshop is £45 per person with a £25 deposit payable at the time of booking.

Please message me for booking use the following PayPal link to
Please bring your own lunch but hot drinks will be provided


Thorne Welfare & OAP Centre



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