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Touching Spirit - John Thornberry
7 May 2022
10.00am - 4.00pm

Connecting to spirit is not all about giving messages from departed loved ones from the spirit realm.

Touching Spirit workshop is an introduction to connecting to, and trying to gain an understanding of spirit; learning the difference between psychic and medium and sensing; talking to or feeling the presence of spirit.

You will learn how to recognise spirits presence in your life. If you have an awareness that someone or something is with you, then this workshop may help you understand more.   This workshop allows you to consider different viewpoints of spirit and energies, guides and inspirers, challenging and adding to the accepted orthodox Spiritualist/New Age views. 

This workshop is for the seeker; a signpost before going on to further awareness and development; or just simply to enhance one’s own knowledge and awareness.

Whatever your purpose in attending it will be an educational, informative and enjoyable day.

Touching Spirit: A Beginners Guide (Tutor: John E. Thornberry)

10:15am: Introduction.

10:30 am: Beginnings: Protection & Grounding

11:30 am: Beginnings: Awareness

12:15 Lunch 1:00 Sympath to Seer

2:00 Opening and Working with Spirit (1)

2:30 Break

2:45 Opening and Working with Spirit (2)

2.00 - 3:30: Discipline & Spirit in your Practice

3:50: Q & A

4.00 – Close of day

Cost : £65 with £20 non returnable deposit at the time of booking.

To book please contact Jane CB at The Healing Post or email


Thorne Welfare & OAP Centre



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